SoccerWars X Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

We recently launched our SoccerWars collection inspired by the Star Wars universe. Today we are excited to share that we have created downloadable patches of our SoccerWars jerseys exclusively for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Customize players, add or remove players and take part in our Supporters League. You can grab the patches below.

Astro Droid Soccer Wars

Astro Droid

The team dedicated to strong personality. For those always willing to help the team cause. The problem is that sometimes those good intentions lead to uncomfortable situations and interesting storylines emerge. 

You can always buy the AstroDroid real jersey here.

Astro Droid Soccer Wars

Dark Lord Soccer Wars

Dark Lord

The team dedicated to what we often perceive to be the bad guys of the beautiful game. Players who polarize but contribute to a multitude of exciting narratives that makes football the world's greatest drama. Indifferent to criticism they share a conviction and won't let anyone come across their path unscathed.

(and of course, Cech's helmet - we couldn't resist.)

You can purchase a Dark Lord jersey here.

Dark Lord Soccer Wars

Ligth Master Soccer Wars

Light Master

A team dedicated to the good guys of the beautiful game.

The players that never complain and play with a strong optimism and good spirit. They make the impossible possible thanks to their natural abilities.

Be part of the team and get your Light Master jersey here.

Ligth Master Soccer Wars

Grrrwaaaaaarggggh soccer wars


A team dedicated to the scruffy footballers of the beautiful game. To the brave warriors that take care of their hair. They hydrate and are proud of their accomplished marvelous beards.

Go and buy the Grrrwaaaaaarggggh jersey here.

Grrrwaaaaaarggggh Soccer Wars

Millennium Pilot Soccer Wars

Millennium Pilot

A team dedicated to the hard working team players of the beautiful game and those that can be the difference between the victory or the defeat.

They never surrender and alway find the in order to accomplish the goal set in place by the coach. Remember, in this game not everything can be bought - there are some players that play purely for their principles and values.

If you are one of them get your Millennium Pilot jersey here.

Millennium Pilot Soccer Wars

Golden Droid Soccer Wars

Golden Droid 

It's not common but there are some footballers who are almost invisibles, or rather go unnoticed thanks to their good manners & character.

Protocol is part of the game. Sometimes those quiet players are the difference between winning and loosing. We believe they deserve the praise they often don't receive.

If you see yourself as part of this team you can purchase our Golden Droid jersey here.

Golden Droid soccer wars

Space Bounty Hunter

Space Bounty Hunter

Just give them money and they will be yours.

Some of the best players of the world are ready to play for you, just be ready to write a big number in the check at the end of the match. Love them or hate them, they make the beautiful game more colorful.

Do you want to be a SpaceBountyHunter? get your jersey here.

Space Bounty Hunter Soccer Wars

White Soldier Soccer Wars

White Soldier

Never surrender. A true warrior is always ready to fight and defend his realm. Well trained and in perfect physical condition, the team members are known for saving matches. 
Each player has to be able to give 100% in each position to help the others re-enforced by a common cause.

If you want to be on this team you can buy your White Soldier Jersey here.

White Soldier Soccer Wars

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