How do I order?

Step 1 - Select a product[top]

When a customer opens a Products Page, they can view and select products from a thumbnail view. 



Step 2 - Add products to the shopping cart[top]

Once a customer selects an item, the item will appear in a larger view with product information and anAdd To Cart button. 



The customer can click Add To Cart to select a product for purchase. A cart notification displays in the top-right of the page. The cart notification shows the number of items in their cart and the total cost. 

Note: If you prefer to send visitors directly to checkout after selecting a product, you can enable Express Checkout.

Step 3 - View the cart[top]

After adding a product to the cart, the customer can continue shopping or click the cart notification to open the shopping cart. 



In the shopping cart, the customer can change the quantity of products or remove products.  

To change the quantity of a product, they can click on the current value in the Quantity field and enter a new value. 

Note: The shopping cart has a default item limit of 500. If Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled, the item limit is 150 items. To learn more about this limit, visit Carrier Calculated shipping overview.



To delete an item from the cart, the customer can click the "x" at the far-right of the product.



Your customer can click Checkout to complete the purchase and pay for your products. 



If all products are removed from the shopping cart, the shopping cart will display a Continue Shoppinglink that opens your homepage. 



Step 4 - Checkout[top]

Clicking the Checkout button opens a payment screen. The customer will need to add their billing information, select shipping options for physical products, and confirm their order.

Enter addresses

When a customer starts typing a shipping or billing address, the checkout page instantly populates with a Google-powered list of autocomplete suggestions. The customer can click on the address they want, and the rest of the form fills out automatically.



Your customer must click the Continue button after entering Billing, Shipping, and Paymentinformation.

Apply coupons

If you offer coupons, customers can enter a coupon code at this point. Coupons only apply to the cost of the product and not the cost of shipping. A customer can't apply a coupon that gives a discount larger than the price of the product.

In some cases, customers can apply multiple coupons to the same order. To learn more, visit Creating discounts.

Complete the order

Once the billing, shipping, and payment information are added, the customer can click Continue to place the order. An order confirmation will display, and they will receive an email confirmation.



How can I know my size?

Take a jersey that you like how fit you (measure it on a table), then compare with our sizes and buy the closer one.

Supporters Jersey Size
Supporters Jersey Size


How much time will take to receive the jersey?

Everything needs a time. We normally have an stock but if we don´t have it  we proceed (For active jerseys), to a  3 - 5 week window to produce your jersey(s) . Once the jersey has been produce we proceed with the delivery, that normally take 1 -2 weeks to arrive.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. To ensure that all the shirts are properly delivered all items will be shipped with FedEx and/or UPS.  

How much will cost the delivery?

Once you have selected the jersey you like you have under the availability the option to calculate the shipping cost. 

Can I order for my team?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for teams and groups. If you see a jersey design that you like and is currently for sale, please contact: 

Who decide the jerseys?

You do, we are doing questionnaire to our Supporters (like you) so they will decide the jerseys to produce.

How do I clean the jersey?

First of all with love. The instructions for garment care. Machine wash turning the jersey to preserve the colors, preferably cold. No need to Iron thanks to the sport polyester.