Who We Are

Founded by Nerea Palacios and Daniel Nyari, Supporters.Pro is a collective of creatives who came together through their shared passion for football and design.  In a converging global football culture that is continuously opening up more creative channels we believe in the importance of integrating fan culture in the formation and evolution of football iconography. The existence of independent initiatives is crucial and it is our mission to play a role in this emerging space and the continued proliferation of the creative independent process.

The Supporter Team

  Daniel Nyari
 Nerea Palacios

Nerea Palacios

Daniel was born in Romania and grew up in Austria before moving to New York City where he continued his education in Film, Design, Fine & Graphic Arts. He currently lives and works in New York City and enjoys Football, Avant-Garde Cinema, Heavy Metal, and Nutella. He draws his influences from post-impressionism, Rothko's multiforms, De Stijl, and Web Design.  


Nerea is a fashion designer from Cordoba, that move to Barcelona to studied design and persecute the idea of becoming a sport designer. aAfter working is different fields she thought that was about time to start a project that allow her to become a football designer and this is how Iwanttoworkfornike project was born and latter Supporters.pro.

You can contact us at we@supporters.pro